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About Prastamedia

Welcome to Prastamedia,

Our focus is on keeping our audience informed by providing credible information through various social media platforms targeted at Nepalese citizen. PrastaMedia is working as a subsidiary of  Media in Nepal across all social media pages such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We are the source you can trust for authentic information about Nepal. Our job is to drive the different information Media towards success by attracting the citizens living in the country. The sole purpose of the PrastaMedia is to help Nepali in providing information and encourages commitment to the development of the country. We are a media group that provides accurate news and current information across diverse sectors in Nepal to inspire the citizens of the country to develop an interest in the development and growth of the country. We believe that the impact of credible information in Nepal helps to keep updated every Nepali. We achieve this goal by collaborating with relevant government agencies to ensure that our information is genuine and timely always. With the latest development and innovations in communication technology coupled with our expertise in information dissemination, we maximize various social media platforms to suit our purpose of reaching out to various individuals of Nepal. Our strategy is to ensure that our audience gets access to credible information about their country. With us, it becomes easy to stay abreast of the current happenings in the country. Our information is credible, verified, and timely.

Contact Information Address: Sudur paschim province no 7 kailali, Nepal

Telephone: 9868489053

Email: saudsaugat143@gmail.com